Boutique Personal Training Studio

Catered to Your Individual Needs

With our guidance as a coach (friend, partner, and confidant), we allow our clients to release their conscience on and off the playground to gain much more than physical accomplishments while developing a strong awareness of their own kinetic chain. We will help redirect one’s energy to listen to their own body. In doing so, all deviations in the body will be alleviated and eliminated.

Kinetic energy reaches beyond the gym and is a way of life; it's a life force...


KP was developed for individuals to master their craft through Mario D'Ambrosio’s unique philosophy and methodology by recognizing individual needs with the proper guidance. Our goal is to educate individuals on what it is they are truly seeking; complete connectivity. We stand by the expression that experience is knowledge and embracing the now, as this is the ultimate recipe for overcoming adversity. 

The team we have here at KP is all of that and more. 

The overall goal is to spread the KP vision and philosophy to those that give us a chance. We kinetically dial in each and every body we treat for them to explore these efforts outside our doors.

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