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want to be part of our team?

Kinetic Playground is looking for like minded Fitness Professionals that have what it takes to elevate their craft and possess the characteristics of being a strong team member.

Kinetic Playground is a lifestyle brand that is elevating the expectations in the fitness industry.  KP is  looking for fitness professionals that believe they have what it takes to make our team stronger and want to be apart of this rapidly growing movement. KP has an abundance of over flow of clients and are seeking real, top notch professionals that can take care of this demand.

Positions available.

Full Time (Independent Trainer):

  • Solidify a stable position at KP to grow your individual business

  • Flat rate monthly rent:  unlimited training at KP

  • Receive a key and have full access to our beautiful 2100 sqft layout

  • Facility includes: 2 brand new full baths, 1 half bath, towel service, brand new and state of the art equipment

  • Exposure to high end clientele that KP will work hard to set you up with trainees specific to your training desire

Part Time (Contractor):

  • Our part time position is for those that want to build up their business that do not have a full schedule at the moment. The KP platform, along with the the entire KP team will support you and your business to promote rapid growth in your schedule.

  • KP will market and advertise for you to accumulate trainees and business for you

  • Competitive pay.  Paid out weekly.

Are you ready to make a career move and be the best trainer you can be?  Make Kinetic Playground your new home and join the best team of trainers in SF Bay Area!


If you think you have what it takes?  Fill out our application form here!

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