Our client approach is a coach to athletes relationship.  You're in the best hands with the coach. All of our coaches are or have been athletes and athletes know best.  They've competed at high levels sports/competitions and some still do. 

Meet the Coaches!


Founder + Owner

Mario has always been one who puts others before himself and has a gift to connect others to their greater, more efficient self. He would know, he rebuilt himself after a major sports accident in college that literally almost cost him his right leg and has dedicated his life to reestablishing movement in his kinetic chain. What he discovered through this life changing event, was the importance of not only reestablishing movement in his kinetic chain, but reestablishing  a sense of self, they are inseparable.

Being an athlete all his life and excelling in football at De La Salle High School and Portland State University, he then found his true passion and calling to become the fitness specialist he is today through proper technique and maximizing one’s potential kinetic energy and converting that into the most efficient functioning kinetic chain.

He believes in embracing the now, accepts adversity as an opportunity to better himself, and wants others to experience and feel the best version of themselves.  "That’s what I want to bring the KP community".


Mario's influences continue to develop on a daily basis and inspired the opening of what is now known as Kinetic Playground.  His philosophy and methodology is something unique and has changed the status quo of fitness forever.


Erin is an active ultra-marathoner having made it to the podium in the 50k and 50 miler distances as as top 10 in her first 100k.  

As a 15 year rugby veteran and still playing rec league soccer, she's not slowing down anytime soon! Erin refuses to believe age is a barrier to great health.  Having been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when they were 19, Erin understands the effects of stress that life can have on your body and being.  Erin has created a program for not just helping clients be more active, but, be happier and manage their nutrition. As a ZHealth Performance specialist, Erin believes in repairing movement dysfunctions by tapping into the body’s central processing unit – the brain.  They continually have success relieving pain, enhancing movement and advancing the performance of all types of athletes.

A great teammate and coach, Erin has helped elevate all athletes to levels beyond their expectations.  They are an optimistic and charismatic partner to all they reach.  The Integrated Movement Condition is devoted to helping all people feel better, balance their life and play more outside .”


His life has consisted of nothing but fitness and sports from a very early age. By the time he was 8, he was playing basketball, football, baseball, and swimming year ­round. At the age of 16, Paul decided to focus all of his energy on football once he transferred to De La Salle High School in Concord, CA. He went on to play collegiality at Illinois State University and continued to pursue football overseas in Germany, Poland, and Serbia over a two year span. The passion Paul has with football is the same passion he holds with “Get Wright Fitness” and life in general. He believes the human body is limitless and thinks life should be lived the same way!  His style of training reflects his athletic background which is dynamic, innovative, and fresh which will insure that you unleash your inner athlete.


Alan grew up in Europe, Croatia, where he was involved in various sports and athletics from a young age. As one gets raised in Europe you are always surrounded by soccer, which helped him built agility and reflexes since early days. He later played High school basketball and transitioned to boxing for the 2 years of college.

During his academic years, he fell in love with primary bodybuilding but later fitness and strength conditioning. Since then he was working as an assistant trainer in various gyms helping clients reach their goals, while constantly learning new things. Sports helped him realize his athletic potential and since he was genuinely surprised with what was underneath the surface, he believes that any one of us can with proper training regime and discipline reach physical and mental connection that will fulfill you as a person in both personal and professional life.


He simply describes himself as a fan of movement, having been observing how different athletes and animals move he wants to ensure proper form with his clients while maximizing their kinetic chain.


"I don't want you to think about sets, reps or speed, that's ego and fatigue talking, I want you to focus that every single motion your body does while exercising is with proper physical form and balance, that's how we progress, that's how you reach your kinetic potential“

Alan has a simple motto "Whatever it takes, as long as it takes“


Milli's purpose in life is to help, guide, support and create space for others to have their AHA! moments. She firmly believes that health and wellness are composed of movement, mindset and nutrition - and a healthy body is the foundation to any and all successes in life. 


With a background as an elite gymnast, her degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics, and a thrice-crowned National Champion tackle football player, challenges are something she thrives on. 

Milli has been on her own fitness journey with movement and nutrition, and believes that FUN must be always!


With over 17 years of coaching experience, she has worked with Olympic athletes, CEOs, and retirees, teaching them all how to move better, feel better, and live the best lives they can.

Through body, mind and spirit, Milli is here to support you to work hard and achieve success, but most of all still enjoy life!

Grant Thomas

Grant is a health and fitness coach that guides individuals to optimize their physical and mental fitness.


Grant has always embraced an active lifestyle which began with a variety of sports and activities growing up. Baseball, basketball, skateboarding, and frisbee were a few of his favorites. He excelled in baseball and football in High School leading to multiple all-league honors, Athlete of the Year at his school, and an appearance in the Charlie Wedemeyer All Star Football Game.


In college, Grant dove deep into physical fitness but failed to find a healthy balance. This showed up in his body and in his life. He built a muscular body with NO function and chronic pain. His life lacked purpose and direction.


Through this experience, Grant re-evaluated his health and built a path toward healing his body and his mind. Self education and practice brought him back to a mindset his younger self would revel in: Move with Playful Purpose.


During a four year stint as Director of Marketing at a startup in San Francisco, Grant experienced the stressful realities of the sedentary lifestyle that we all live in today. He found balance, taking work breaks for mobility and breathing exercises. His evenings consisted of creative bedroom workouts with a 16KG Kettlebell. Ultimately, Grant left his job and started up as a fitness coach in the Bay Area to help others achieve their own healthy lifestyle.


Today, Grant shares his training philosophy, now known as Oddball Fitness. He emphasizes body awareness, functional movement, mobility, breath-work, and proper self care. Grant’s approach is focused on longevity, growth, creativity and fun! He helps individuals lift weights, but, more importantly, lift themselves up to experiencing a healthy and purposeful life.

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