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Once the Kinetic Orientation is purchased, a detailed Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire will be sent to your email. When completed, you will receive a follow up phone call to connect, meet, and dig deep into what it is we are seeking to accomplish together.  

Setting our intention and moving forward with purpose is the foundation to our success.

Are you ready to discover the new YOU?

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Kinetic Orientation

  • A detailed Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)

  • 15 minute phone call to follow PARQ form 

  • 1 hour in person session

  • A review of the PARQ

  • Overhead squat assessment to witness the deviations in our kinetic chain

  • Deep stretch and active release on the massage table to treat all discoveries from overhead squat 

  • Dynamic warmup

  • Followed by a 35 minute workout catered to each individuals needs aligning and alleviating the tension in our mind and body


NOTE: * With the purchase of any training package for your commitment to your health and wellbeing, KP will refund the $250 for this service.

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