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The Detriment of sitting 8 hours a days.

Aren’t you tired of feeling sluggish after sitting at a desk for 8-9 hours a day? Besides weak muscles and body imbalances, sitting at a desk all day negatively affects other aspects of your life.


Picture yourself at work:

You’re at your desk with no lower back support, hour after hour you slowly sink into the chair causing your shoulders to round forward- limiting your breathing capacity. Now you’re sunken into this posture and the only way to see the monitor is by looking up- causing strain in your neck and shoulders. It’s break time so now you’re going through Instagram with your neck dropped. After 15 mins, you stop scrolling through social media and get back to work looking up at the screen causing more pressure on your spine. A couple of hours later and it’s time to go home, so you call a shared ride or ride public transportation, only to sit some more. Finally work is over and you want to workout but you feel tired, in pain, possible headaches, and unsure why.


The answer: It’s the incorrect sitting posture you hold day in and day out. We get really good at the thing we do the most, therefore your body becomes an expert slouching chronic pain machine. Long term sitting symptoms include rounded shoulders, poor breathing patterns, low confidence posture, pain in your neck and shoulders, serious muscular imbalances. 

Imagine how efficient you’d be to complete that work project if you didn’t have pain as a distraction. Or how the company’s productivity could skyrocket if the employees had energy and could maintain focus on tasks without complaining of work related discomforts that are preventable.


Are your lifestyle habits and exercise regimen addressing these aspects of your posture?

Lucia is a coach at KP.  Book a consultation with her over text or email and chat about what's causing discomfort          (786) 359-7356

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